Upgrade Your Jeep at a Jeep Shop

You love your Jeep for its go-anywhere capability, but it can still use some upgrades to get you through the rough stuff. You might start with a cold air intake that optimizes engine air flow for more power (and a better sound, vroom vroom).Jeep Shop

Or you could invest in a lift kit to accommodate bigger tires and help you crawl over those rocks. Other off-road mods include mud tires and skid plates that protect your suspension, shock mounts, and fuel tank from damage. If you want some upgrades, visit your nearest Jeep Shop.

Jeeps are some of the most customizable vehicles in the world, which means you can design yours to fit your lifestyle and personality. From functional upgrades to a bit of flashy flair, there are many ways you can upgrade your Jeep Wrangler.

Whether you’re tackling rough terrain or just driving around town, some of these mods will help keep your Jeep in top shape. For example, a tire pressure monitoring system will alert you when the air in your tires drops below ideal levels. You can also get a skid plate to protect your undercarriage from rocks and other debris.

For those who live the adventurous Jeep lifestyle, a few modifications can turn your SUV into a true off-roading machine. One of the most important is a lift kit, which will raise your Jeep so it can clear bigger tires. There are several different types of lift kits, so you can choose the one that’s right for your needs. A leveling kit is the cheapest option, while a suspension lift kit will give you the most height.

To make your Jeep more powerful, you can install a performance exhaust, which will optimize airflow for extra horsepower. You can also boost your power with a Jeep performance chip or program, which will override factory settings and extract more torque and horsepower. Other power-enhancing upgrades include a steering stabilizer, which reduces side-to-side motion for a smoother ride, and a power steering fluid pump, which increases the flow of oil for better performance.


While nobody loves spending money on repairs, when your Jeep needs a little attention, it tends not to be a big deal, especially if you get high-quality service from a team that really understands this iconic car. That’s why it’s important to bring your Jeep to a 4×4 repair specialist, so you can rest assured that no one will be working on your vehicle who isn’t qualified to do so.

Adding some performance upgrades can also improve the way your Jeep drives, giving it more power and making it easier to handle tough terrain. For example, you might want to install a new exhaust system to let the air escape more efficiently and optimize your engine’s output. Alternatively, you could add a chip or programmer to override the factory settings and extract more horsepower while remaining EPA-compliant. Another common upgrade is a lift kit, which can help you clear rocks and other obstacles on your off-road adventures. For an even more serious upgrade, you can opt for a supercharger or turbo. This will make your engine more powerful and accelerate quickly to keep up with you when you need to.


The inside of your Jeep is where you spend the most time, so it’s a good idea to make sure it looks great. Whether your interior is factory fresh or a day-after frat party mess, we have the products to help you clean up and add a few touches that will make it look brand new. We can also upgrade your ride with a variety of functional storage solutions and add a center console or shift knob to enhance the overall look of your interior.

For the true off-roader, we can install a lift kit to allow you to run bigger tires and clear those rocks that stand in your way. These kits come in three varieties: a leveling kit, which just raises the front so it’s the same height as the back; a body lift, which adds one or two inches of clearance; and a full suspension lift, which allows you to run larger tires, clear steep grades, and even drive on some snowy trails.

If you’re looking for a new vehicle, we have an extensive inventory of new Jeep brand vehicles. You can select your trim and available packages, apply for financing, and more—all from the comfort of your home. Then we’ll contact you to schedule your appointment for a test drive at the shop. It’s just another way we strive to provide excellent customer service.

We also have a large selection of lifted Jeeps in stock and can do custom builds upon request. We carry major brands like Rubicon Express, Smittybilt, Rancho, Skyjacker, and Teraflex. We offer a 3% kickback to TOJC members on parts and labor as well as other discounts during the year, so come in today and see what we have to offer! We also have a fully equipped service department with certified Jeep mechanics to help you with any repair or maintenance needs. Come see us in Dallas, TX. We’re your local Jeep shop near Ft. Worth, Frisco, Carrollton, Plano, Flower Mound, and University Park.


A Jeep shop can help you add the finishing touches that make your ride stand out in a crowd. Start with a new front or rear bumper, which protects your ride from damage and debris while giving it a fresh, aggressive look. Next, invest in fender flares to accommodate larger tires and keep your body protected from rocks and other obstacles. Body armor is also available for the hood and cowl areas, protecting your paint from scratches and dirt. Finally, skid plates protect the underside of your Jeep, keeping your shock mounts, gas tank, and drivetrain safe. Shops can install these pieces or sell them to you and do the installation for you. These are popular options for Jeep owners who want to be ready to tackle any off-road trail.

Leah Atkinson